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Monday, September 3, 2007

Planet Unicorn

I checked my space a few moments ago (with no luck of finding a message, or friend request) and I noticed someone had posted a bulletin with the subject being-"An 8yo gay boy with a wish".
I was shocked.
this video is what I found inside the bulletin.

Disturbing, yet endlessly engaging.
When the video ended, I noticed that there were several other episodes.
Just one episode could be considered a joke created out of boredom... but there are four other episodes.
The makers of "unicorn planet" aren't playin' around.
If you notice, there is one episode which begins with a (gay) rap remix of the theme song.
It is apparent that a green screen was used for that particular episode.
a GREEN SCREEN. Also, notice the visual effects used in this series, and consider just how much effort and time must have been put into this mini-series.
...need I say more?

Having Trouble Finding Dance Tracks?

As an avid EDM (electronic dance music) fan, I often times find it difficult to track down certains songs to add to my playlist.
I've looked everywhere, including napster, beatport, iTunes, and other random mp3 websites.
I came across one website that would revolutionize the way I discover music FOREVER. is the name.
While the layout of the site is rather cheesy, you'd be amazed at what you might find on this little page.
Originally, because of the layout, I assumed that it would be another way for the internet to waste more of my valuable time while searching for a specific track.
The only drawback to, IMO, is that you have to upload money into your account, rather than simply purchasing songs one at a time with your credit card.
I decided to take a chance, and I have yet to be disappointed.
Thank YOU for making this world a better place to live.

Galveston Beach fun-play-time, or study?

Study. Der.
So, I have this gigantic quiz in my history class covering the Civil (?) War, Reconstruction, and Pre-Columbian America.
I have no idea what any of that even means.
In fact, the only reason I say this quiz is "gigantic" is's history. This is quite possibly the only class that I could attend and do nothing but think about everything BUT the topic at hand, for an entire hour and a half. It really puts diesel on the fire of my attention problems.
I really don't find history to be exciting. at all.
How could you enjoy history?
As much as I would LOVE to visit the dirty beaches of Texas, I would much rather study.
Why? Because grades are more important.
I guess thats what happens when you plan on going to a professional school-in my case, pharmacy school.
So now, I'm going to pretend that history is the most interesting topic to ever hit planet earth, and read until my brains ooze from my nostrils.